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This page provides links to various areas that are for use by our Member's. Many of these features are under construction, or are being evaluated on a test basis. These links are protected by a password. Should you feel that you want or need access, you must contact Sarah Rabin for password information and access rights. Below you will find the links and a short description of the feature.

This Webmail service allows you to access your Civil Rights Forum email via the Internet. If you are not sure as to your mailbox name and password, contact Sarah Rabin. This will be a pemanent addition to our site.

This is a Calendar for use by the staff of People for Better TV and Civil Rights Forum. If you have lost or forgotten your password to get access to this calender, or have questions regarding the use or implementation, contact Sarah Rabin. This calender is being evaluated for a permanent position on this page and is in Beta-Test.

The WebBoard is a fully fuctional posting board for our members. It also has an Chat function that is currently set on. Should you have any questions regarding the use or implementation in this also, please contact Sarah Rabin. This is also in Beta-Test.

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