Results of May 1999 Survey

Chart 1
Two-thirds of voters are unaware that broadcasters use the airwaves for free. Half mistakenly believe they pay for this access.

Chart 2
Every proposal tested about broadcasters debt to the public gains at least majority support. The proposals voters find most important include providing a ratings system, close-captioning, protecting consumers' privacy, regulating pay-per-view, and more local programming.

Chart 3
Other important proposals include broadcasters paying into a trust fund and various proposals to increase local, educational, and public affairs programming, and put limits on commercials.

Chart 4
Additionally, voters are intensely favorable toward these proposals, specifically close-captioning, a ratings system, protecting consumers' privacy, requiring more educational programming, and limiting commercials.

Chart 5
Producing programming which addresses local concerns, making children's shows commercial free, and providing more adult educational and local affairs programming are a strong second tier of proposals.

Chart 6
Proposals to provide more public service announcements and more non-English language programming also receive a majority of public support.

Chart 7
A solid majority of voters believe that people like themselves are not accurately represented on television entertainment programs.

Chart 8
While Hispanic voters fell slightly more intensely than African Americans and whites that television entertainment shows do not represent people like them accurately, there is remarkable consensus on this matter among voters of all races. /tools.htm /memberspage.htm